Saturday, February 13, 2010

The vulgarity of money

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    • Mahmudur Rahman
    • In between, thanks to the media, much like Jaswant Singh's book on Jinnah, curiosity among the general public has led to unprecedented demand -- and thereby was triggering a ringing in the cash tills. Khan's public position has been to not decrying or demeaning the Sena views.

      This has resulted in a positive swing of public opinion to his side even among those who were somewhat on the fence. But such has been the media hype that even in Europe, Berlin in particular tickets to his film were sold out in five seconds flat and e-bay auctions hawked 1000 euros for the price of a single ticket. And one must thanks the media for not having revealed as of yet, the basic story line of the film itself. For now, the movie-goer are basically going into the cinemas without much clue as to what they are paying for.
    • (The writer is a former Head of Corporate & Regulatory of British American Tobacco Bangladesh, former CEO of Bangladesh Cricket Board and specializes in corporate affairs, communications and CSR. He can be reached at e-mail:

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