Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mangalorean.Com- Fringe groups splitting up

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    • The fringe groups of coastal areas are now stranded, with their parent organisations not giving them enough money to survive. They are showing signs of breaking up, these are the groups that have carried out various fundamentalist agendas of the political parties, are no more interested in being attached to a particular political party but are either seeking direct involvement in the political parties or want the political parties to cough up higher funding.
      Three groups -Sri Rama Sene, Bajrang Dal, Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) that had been active in coastal areas have shown degeneration of its cadres. In the last one month ominous developments have taken place in these three organisations. The Karnataka Rakshana Vedike has also lost cadres. The KFD has lost its cadres to the other political parties in Karnataka as well as Kerala.
      The Bajrang Dal which is the largest fringe group of the BJP that has over 4000 active membership, has sounded an alarm with the BJP leadership that its cadres are gradually distancing themselves from the Bajrang Dal. The BJP had used these cadres during its election campaigns. After the partys victory in 2008, Bajrang Dal had been engaged in carrying out chores for the BJP in furthering the Hindutva agenda. Many of the cadres have also found themselves in the wrong side of the law in the process.

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