Saturday, March 6, 2010

M.F. Hussain should face Indian Judiciary in spite of absconding says VHP, Orissa News

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    • Dr. Surender Kumar Jain, Spokesperson of V.H.P says that M.F. Hussain is not absconding from India out of the fear of Hindu Organisations but he is afraid of the results of the court cases registered against him due to his misdeeds. If anyone is trying to evade the judicial process, the only word for him by the legal system in "absconder". If any Indian citizen has any faith in India and its constitution, he should face the judiciary inspite of running from it.

      What can be the consequences of insulting Mother India and Hindu Gods-Goddess, perhaps M.F. Hussain knows better than his blind supporters. That is why, he is not at all impressed by the campaigns launched to bring him back. While making nude pictures of Mother India and Hindu Gods-Goddesses, he must be having in his mind that he has painted his mother, Bibi Fatima, and Mother Teressa in a very pious and descent manner. His blind followers may ignore his double standard, but he might have remembered his wilfully committed sins. If his followers wants to defend him in the name of "Freedom of Expression", they should dare to paint Bibi Fatima, Mother Teressa and their own mother in the same fashion.
    • It should be made clear that Qutar has awarded its nationality to Hussain as an award to insult Hindu Dharam, not as a respect to freedom of expression. If they have any respect for such rights they should have awarded their nationality to Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdy also.

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