Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nityananda Paramahamsa should not resign. He should continue | Great Hindu

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    • Even if he had it… there is nothing wrong.   Remember, if not for Parashara’s fall, we would not have had Veda Vyasa.  If not for Vishwamitra’s fall, we would have never had Gayatri mantra.

      It is the Yoga Brasthas who have contributed to the welfare of the world.  The perfect Yogis are absolutely useless.

      It is the fallen Yogis who contribute to the world’s welfare.  The perfect Yogis are meditating in the deep Himalayas — totally useless to the world atleast materially.

    • Hence we should support all those Yogis in the Hindu samaj with kindness.   Remember Lord Krishna’s words that Yoga Brasthas will always have another chance.
    • So all Yoga Brasthas of the world Unite.  You have nothing to lose except your own liberation.

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