Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Page 2 | How Come Rajiv Not Guilty If Modi Is? | Column - Amba Charan Vashishtha | Amba Charan Vashishtha

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    • It cannot be whiled away just as a coincidence that riots and butchery of Sikhs and attacks on their gurudwaras started simultaneously all over the country but only in Congress-ruled States. No such incidents took place in any State ruled by non-Congress parties like those in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamilnadu etc. If Congress party and Congress governments at the Centre and the States were not in any way involved, why is that the non-Congress States remained calm and no harm was done to Sikhs or their places of worship there?
    • And the successive governments had been heartless to the bewailing of the bereaved families of the brave Sikhs whose nationalism has always remained unchallenged, unqunestioned. The nation cannot overlook the great sacrifices made by the Sikh community during the freedom struggle, the untold miseries it underwent in the aftermath of the partition of the country and later in defending the country at the borders during wars with China and Pakistan. During the 1982 Asian Games, even serving Sikh generals not in uniform were humiliated while entering Delhi, not to speak of the ordinary Sikhs.
    • "Secularists' unfair to anti-Sikh riots

      Surprisingly, whether it is our so-called ‘secular' leaders, media, intellectuals and liberals - and even courts --, they have not been as fair and condescending to the anti-Sikh riots as they have been to the Gujarat riots. Even towards Gujarat riots, they have been partial to the extent that they beat their chests for the post-Godhara riots that were sparked off by the burning alive in the train of 59 kar sewaks at Godhara. None of them speaks of the Godhara carnage and the need to punish the guilty and provide relief to the bereaved families. All of them shed a hundred tears, incessantly, only for the post-Godhara riots.

      Anti-Sikh crime more heinous than Gujarat

      Comparisons are odious, yet unavoidable. The ‘secular' media and politicians has only tried to overplay the Gujarat riots as have they downplayed the anti-Sikh riots.

      Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi had tried to justify the pogrom against Sikhs with his now (in)famous quote: "When a giant tree falls, the earth below shakes". But no one in the NDA, or BJP ruling at the Centre in 2002, and not even Mr. Narendra Modi himself, ever justified the riots.

    • If Modi is ‘guilty' of a ‘crime' that took place in Gujarat, then the late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is no less ‘guilty' because he confessed the ‘crime' that he failed to prevent the earth below from shaking (killing of Sikhs) "when a giant tree (Mrs. Indira Gandhi) falls (is killed at the hands.of her Sikh bodyguards).

      If Mr. Modi as chief minister of Gujarat is ‘guilty', how can the then chief ministers in Congress-ruled States escape being so where hundreds of innocent Sikhs were butchered?

      Why has no SIT been constituted for anti-Sikh riot cases? Why has no SIT or any other special investigating agency not gathered the courage to so far summon a single chief minister then ruling in the States where the anti-Sikh riots took place? Why has, so far, no court took that very action in the case of anti-Sikh riots as has been taken in the case of Gujarat?

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