Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now they work together, eat together

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    • Justice V R Krishna Iyer
    • Marad, like any other hideous spots in India and Kerala was indigent with communal tension and red with seminal blood. Why should the religions be angry when their spiritual essence is identical?
    • Why should Pakistan claim J and K. Marad was where last year a dozen fisher folk (Hindu) were relaxing in the afternoon breeze and dozed off and when these innocent souls were asleep some from a nearby mosque at prayer time suddenly sprang and knifed the necks of those lying! How dastardly dreadful and terrorist! This is anti-Islam, a religion which upheld human rights whatever be his religion! Bitterness and blood were flowing and yet they preached ‘love thy neighbour’ and hate your brother of another faith. This perversity spread by Moulavis, bishops and acharyas makes Marad the symbol of despair, extremism and the unity and fraternity of India. Did not Bush say that when he prayed God told him to wipe out Afghans? I wish I were wrong. O! God, you are the most misrepresented through murder by your children. Marad- How it breeds terror and horror, hatred and satanic bleeding. There is a case for anti- Godism. Buddha did not believe in God but in the good Man.


      A dynamic Collector Dr. P.B. Salim knew that the real problem in Marad was communalism, superstition and a kind of obdurate obscurantism centered round women who are the cornerstone of orthodoxy, unemployment and vicious of husband’s authoritarianism.


      So Dr. Salim thought that the best strategy was to bring Hindu and Muslim women together. Hindu fisherwoman and Muslims of same trade can work together as sisters and establish a new occupational solidarity not merely in fishing but in other employment as well. They could sit together, weave together, tailor together etc.

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