Wednesday, May 5, 2010

People behind scene tried to delay trial: Nikam: India News

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    • "There were people who were working behind the scene to delay the trial," Nikam says.

      According to Nikam, Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorist arrested in the attacks, changed and retraced his statements in the court not on his own, but according to instructions from elsewhere.

      "Don't force me to spell out who prompted Kasab to retract his statement," he adds.

      When pressed for details, he says, "We know the reason behind it. We also know who is behind the curtain (in prompting Kasab to withdraw his confessional statement)."

      Immediately, tightening up, he adds, "Why should I reveal? I won't share. It's a part of the investigation."

    • When asked if Kasab's instructors were from Pakistan, Nikam responds, "Pakistan is far away. Those who were interested in dragging the trial and wanted to delay the case against Kasab were behind it. You may search yourself."
    • "When asked if his views on Kasab had changed after his daily meetings with the accused in the courtroom, Nikam responds, "He is a very well-trained commando. He has been trained how to behave and how to talk if he was captured. He is behaving as per his training. He has a cunning mind."

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