Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sneak into India fast and do something big: Hizb - KashmirLive.Com

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    • "Sneak into India fast and do something big," said an HM commander to one of the outfit's leaders based in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir during a conversation intercepted recently by security agencies, officers of the Indian Army today said.

      The conversation took place between A-category commander of HM code Alfa 01 in Pir Panchal Ranges with HM commander in POK Abu Suhaib.

    • The call for infiltration given by an HM commander on this side of the border to his POK-based counterpart is being seen by the Indian Army as a sign of growing frustration among HM cadres after elimination of a large number of the militant outfit's top rung leaders in encounters in the recent past.

      "As is evident, terrorists especially leaders have been on the run in both Kashmir valley as well as in Jammu region due to increasing number of encounters initiated by security forces in past," army officers said.

      "As compared to the past practice of staying in hideouts, militants have changed their tactics and are now regularly on the move, not staying in one house for more than three hours due to fear of encounters", they said.

      They do not trust the local population whether Hindus or Muslims any more and are always on the run trying to revive lost ground, they said.

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