Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Kerala temple honours Muslim girl

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    • Thrissur: Paremekkavu Temple under Cochin Devaswom honoured a Muslim girl with Gold Medal for gaining high marks in Plus 2. Suharabi, A Muslim student of Paremmekkavvu Devaswom college had earlier waived the college fees and other educational expenses as she was from a poor family.

      While HK appreciate the gesture shown by Temple authorities would like to ask about the stand taken by Cochin, Travancore and Malabar Devaswom boards in supporting Hindu students from poor background. When whole government machinery is utilized to provide 'n' number of schemes and scholarships to 'empower' children in the name of 'Minority' upliftment, Hindu students are neglected and pushed aside by the very same government. Why not the Devaswom board who came forward to support Suharabi come up with projects to support Hindu students who are struggling to compete with others due to one sided Government initiatives?

      HK wishes all success to Suharabi in her future life and hopes that she will be able to liberate herself through the power of true knowledge and wisdom from the shackles of suppression and oppression imposed upon her by her male counterparts . And we pray that let no Deobands in the country impose fatwa on her for collecting a honour from the money generated by Kafirs. 
    • All stupids are going behind secular image
      No problem in helping a Muslim girl by Devaswom college.

      But the main question arising from this article is about the policy of negligene towards the Hindu students by their own Devaswom boards!

      These Devaswom boards are for what purpose ? Are they doing any favour for Hindus ? Only looting Hindus money and not doing anything for the improvement of Hindu society ! Shame .. we are Indians .. where we will go to complain ?

      All the impotent political leaders are shameless in neglecting Hindus and taking their votes and money, and the majority Hindu voters are also stupids in India especially in the so called "100%" Literacy state Kerala !
    • Sunil Nair

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