Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too late for Nitish to mount moral high horse: India News

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    • V R Shenoy
    • Ashoka was so horrified by the devastation caused by war that he renounced unnecessary violence. He did not, however, renounce Kalinga.

      Nitish Kumar was so horrified by a photograph -- apparently! -- that he is on the verge of renouncing a -- seemingly! -- unnecessary ally. He will not, however, resign the chief ministership.
    • Sushil Kumar Modi's wife, you see, is Jessie George, a Christian lady whose roots are in Kerala [ Images ]. (Doesn't quite fit the popular conception of an RSS member, does it?) Back in the days before he was surrounded by layers of ministerial security, Modi would escort his wife to church each Sunday, patiently waiting outside on his scooter until services finished. It is going to be slightly difficult to paint such a man as 'anti-secular'.

      Nor has Sushil Kumar Modi been anything but an ideal colleague. He has been both honest and diligent. If Bihar is now on the highway to growth the state's finance minister deserves some credit for the fact.
    • Let us check the facts. Nitish Kumar was the Union railway minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee [ Images ] ministry when there were riots in Gujarat in 2002, and he did not resign at the time, did he? And the chief minister of Bihar knew who his Gujarat counterpart was when he accepted a cheque for flood relief after the Kosi [ Images ] rose in spate, didn't he? Isn't it slightly late in the day for Nitish Kumar to mount the moral high horse?

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