Monday, June 7, 2010

Organiser - Sonia is holy cow, not Hindu ethos and icons Mobilise people against UPA’s insensitivity - By Shyam Khosla

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    • Sonia is holy cow, not Hindu ethos and icons
      Mobilise people against UPA’s insensitivity

      By Shyam Khosla
    • On her part, she is arrogant and had made extremely derogatory remarks against the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee by calling him a "traitor" and calling popular Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi "maut ka saudagar". She didn’t have the decency to apologise for these derogatory remarks that have no place in public discourse. But she and her party is totally intolerant if any critical reference is made to the Italian-born lady’ personality or personal life. It, therefore, surprises no one that the party has sent legal notices to the Madrid-based Javior Moro, the author of a famous novel The Red Sari, and the Italian and Spanish publishers of the book.
    • In J&K, the Congress-led Government has banned a newspaper - the first in the troubled state - for carrying a picture of the leader with a derogatory caption. The newspaper appears to be guilty of indulging in obscenity. But isn’t it worrisome that the State Government acted against a newspaper for carrying an indecent caption but not against many others that have been spreading treason for the last so many years?
    • While the Government is too sensitive to any derogatory remark against a politician - Sonia Gandhi in this case - it is most insensitive to insults heaped on Hindu society, its ethos and icons. Prof. Wendy Doniger of Chicago University is the latest in the series of foreign writers who routinely denigrate Hindu thought and literature. Her book, The Hindus-An Alternative History is an extremely superficial narration and a distorted presentation of Hinduism. She confesses her focus in exploring Hindu scriptures was sexual.
    • The attack on Hindu values and icon by MF Husain, the notorious painter was extremely hurting. It took us decades to stand up against him. He persisted with painting Hindu icons and Bharat Mata in nude and disgraceful positions. When sections of enraged Hindus woke up to the evil designs of the painter and held peaceful demonstrations against exhibition of his insulting paintings, "liberal" brigade and human rights industry rose in his defence claiming it was the artist’s right to interpret. They didn’t for a moment realise that the evil soul was purposely insulting Hindu psyche by depicting Hindu gods in naked and that he never painted Muslim or Christian Gods and icons in similar fashion. Now, he has given up his Indian citizenship, the "liberals" accuse Hindus of hounding out country’s "greatest" artist.

      So much for our commitment to defend national honour and dignity!

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