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Our Mindset is Our Biggest Enemy | General | Vigil

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    • Vigil - General Written by Aneeta Chakrabarty  
    • A classic example is provided by the 12th century Rajput king, Prithvi Raj Chauhan.  Courageous and patriotic, he defeated Mohammed Ghori but instead of finishing off the job he pardoned him.  His misplaced generosity was not returned. Ghori got him only once and that was enough.  His eyes were gouged out and he suffered a humiliating death.  In addition the population was forcibly converted to Islam, the men folk butchered and the women sold into harems. What kind of a mindset would let go a vicious enemy?   Unfortunately, the same mindset is now dealing with Pakistan.  They attack us in Bombay and we give them Aman ki Asha.  On the other hand, tiny ancient Nubia, learnt very quickly how to deal with Islam.  Using poisoned arrows, guerilla warfare and ferocious ruthlessness they returned cruelty for cruelty and deterred and wiped out Islam from Nubia and prevented its taking root in major parts of Africa.
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    • At the third battle of Panipat, in 1761, the Marattas had cornered Ahmed Shah Abdali, yet they suddenly terminated hostilities.  Had they defeated him and put him to death, the History of North India would have been different.  In 1974, after the Pokhran blast, Indira Gandhi stopped complete weaponization.  Had she continued, India would have been on the world stage as a declared Nuclear weapon state with overwhelming advantage over Pakistan.  That golden opportunity was also lost.  In 1948, Nehru ordered a ceasefire, when the Indian army had almost recovered all of Kashmir.  As a result, the priceless real estate of North Kashmir is in Pakistani and Chinese hands, blocking our way to Central Asian resources and forcing us to compromise on Afghanistan.  In 1971 when a victorious India stood over a prostrate Pakistan, we could have settled the Kashmir problem once and for all, by leveraging the presence of 90,000 pakistani prisoners of war.  But as before, a diffident India failed to finish the task. And there are more. In 1965, we surrendered Haji Pir pass, a vital logistics path to the enemy.  In 1955, Nehru gave up the UN Security Council seat to the Chinese, and in 1998, Vajpayee ushered in Pokhran II but stopped testing before acquiring a proven thermonuclear deterrent.  This "voluntary moratorium" on testing was skillfully exploited by the Americans in the controversial Nuclear deal with dubious benefits to the security of the nation.  And as days go by, our surrendering mindset, gathers more failures.
    • Refusal to finish off our enemy, inertia to support our fellow Hindus, unwilling to propagate our religion, looking down on our own culture, unable to grab opportunities, and failure to revolt against a traitorous, corrupt set of politicians,  will remain the "Achilles heel of Hindustan" that will lead us to certain defeat, unless we turn the tides with a towering National mission hewed from the sinews of courage, confidence, cultural pride, strategy and the oxygen of democracy, "voting for Hindu interests" . Our soft and surrendering mindset is our greatest enemy, more than Islam, Pakistan, China or all of them put together.

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