Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passionate About India: DISCOVER THE DIAMOND IN YOU!- Arindam Chaudhuri

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    • And if a diamond were to be the metaphor for us, then there are four things which make up a diamond... The first being the diamond’s carats.
    • In human beings, carats are about the depth that we have; and it is represented by two Ps: Passion and Positive Energy!
    • The second great quality of a good diamond is its colour. And in successful human beings, colours are synonymous with two more Ps: Personality and People Skills!
    • The other aspect that determines the colour of a human diamond is people skills. People who believe that they can go it alone or those who don’t respect the need to work with people for a common goal, can never be successful!
    • The third quality of a good diamond is how well has it been cut! In human beings, the cut is about the hard work which is represented by another two Ps: Performance and Perseverance!
    • The final characteristic of a great diamond is its clarity. And in the human diamond, clarity stands for three different Ps: Principles, Perspective and Patriotism!
    • Nurture these 9 Ps of a human diamond, and you will discover the diamond in you! All the best!!!
    • 'Discover The Diamond In You' is the name of Professor Arindam Chaudhuri's forthcoming book. The above article is a synopsis of the book. If you would want to know more about the book, send an sms DTDIY along with your comments on the article to 0-9818101234