Thursday, October 29, 2009

A swayamsevak's musings: A Swayamsevak's Reply to Javed Anand

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    • (This is in reply to the article 'RSS, here I come' by Javed Anand, who is the husband of Teesta Setalvad. The article appeared in the Asian Age. You will find it here)
    • You speculate that you may be a descendent of an untouchable who was seduced out of Hinduism by the “appeal” of Islam. I do not deny you the prerogative to your imagined past. I accept its probability, however small. But an objective reading of history would tell you that you and I have greater chances of being the descendents of Dhimmis or Hindu slaves.
    • If your forefathers were lucky enough they could also have been from rich princely families, many of whom chose to convert to Islam so that they could save themselves and their loved ones, from the barbaric destruction at the hands of Aurangzeb and his likes. Or they could have been less lucky Hindu traders, farmers, artisans or priests, who were the victims of plunder, loot and torture and were converted at the point of sword or by constant persecution and subjection to 'Dhimmitude' and slavery. They could also have been courageous Hindu soldiers and generals who lost fighting bravely and whose women folk were forced into the Harems of the Islamic rulers and generals. The probabilities are too many.
    • You say Sir, that you feel "insecure". That is probably because you own up the historical guilt for the Hindu holocaust by Islamists which you need not. You need not see yourself and other Muslims as the owners of the bloody legacy of the Islamists, but as the descendants of the innocent Hindus who were victims of it. Sir, who else, other than your Dhimmi brothers and sisters, could sympathize with you and understand your mental miscegenation of "Mandir" and "Masjid"?