Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decision Making in Society « Incognito thoughts

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    • Decision Making in Modern Democracy

      In a modern democracy, it is the majority consent that decides matters at societal level.

      Majority consent is shaped by public opinion formed on the basis of the following mediums:-

    • 1. News Media
    • 2. Art
    • 3. Academy
    • 4. Government,
    • 5. Political party/NGO activities
    • 6. Commercial organisations
    • 7. Religious discourse
    • 8. Traditions and Culture
    • Society Today

      Indian society today, by and large, emulates western society and engages in material advancement at all costs to individual, family, society, nation and Nature. Thus it shows predominantly sudra varna that is transforming into vyshya.
      Symbolically, India today is headed by people chosen for their sudra characteristic of followership, though trained to be vyshya – products of the british created education system designed to produce technically qualified workers for the empire.

    • Way Ahead

      As rajas rises in society, represented by the transformation to vyshya characteristic from sudra, to check the deleterious effect on human psyche and on Nature, of unbridled rajasic indulgence in materialism, evident in human society today, and for long term sustenance, of individual, society, as well as Nature, tempering and channelization with dharmic considerations are necessary.

      Increased deliberations on dharmic aspects at societal level impart kshetriya varna to society and raise sattvic characteristic.

      Sustained rise of sattvic characteristic inspire brahma-jnana.

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