Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Forcing people to vote is a good idea: India News

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    • Some objections

      One: it is not practical.

      Two: that it is anti-democratic to force people to vote.

      Three: It has a punitive element in it so it is bad.

      Four: it amounts to authoritarian move and makes elections something akin to what happens in the people's democracies of Communist regimes, not a liberal regime.

      Before explaining why I buy the Modi-sponsored Gujarat Local Authorities Laws (Amendment) Bill 2009 now approved by the legislature on December 19, let me rebut the fourth grievance about the law.

      It is not going to promote the 'people's democracy' of totalitarian regimes for there the choices are limited to one political party. In India [ Images ], it is limited, of late, to one kind of candidates though they come, save few honourable exceptions, from diverse parties. They are the moneyed dynasts, with backing of other vested interests.

    • Poor turnouts
    • 60 years, no change
    • Not anti-democracy
    • Test it
    • Quid pro quo
    • Mahesh Vijapurkar

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