Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oram is state BJP chief - The Times of India

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    • Jual Oram, a tribal leader and former Union minister, who always questioned the functioning of chief minister Naveen Patnaik even when BJP shared power with him, will be the party's new state president. Oram will take charge from present incumbent Suresh Pujari at a big rally scheduled here on Wednesday.
    • During the Congress regime BJP in Orissa was viewed as its B-team. The party nevertheless made a turnaround in its fate in 2000 when it helped Naveen Patnaik, a greenhorn in politics, to avoid split in the non-Congress vote and eventually managing to come to power. But Oram soon became vocal of Naveen's move and started questioning not only his style of functioning. He even suspected that Naveen is steadily trying to weaken BJP's vote base, something that party men now agree in retrospect. Oram became quite vocal. He raised voice on the deteriorating law and order problem in the state and challenged Naveen for the Posco, Vedanta deal. BJP leadership tried to silence him several times. Even Naveen lodged protests against him before the party's national leadership. But Oram was irrepressible.

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