Monday, December 21, 2009

Gujarat shows the way « Indian Realist

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    • This is a very good move. The gang mentality of Christians and Muslims ensures they vote as a single block. These people are under the influence of church and ulemas. I know about the messages that bishops and imams circulate a day before the elections, ordering their captive believers to vote for Congress. I have seen trucks and buses full of Muslims leave the ghettos for election booths.

      On the other hand, Hindus sit at home, watch TV and munch potato chips. This voluntary dis-enfrachisement harms them immensely as desert religions begin to set the national agenda and men of straw like Mulayam Singh, Paswan, Laloo, Congress courtiers, all crawl before Muslims and Xians for votes, offering them job reservations and pilgrimage subsidies.

      This move of Modi government will ensure Hindus get off their haunches, stand in the queue and vote. This is when their majority will begin to tell on the election results. Three cheers!!

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