Monday, December 21, 2009

It’s Sonia’s plot for Rahul’s sake: TDP

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    • Congress president Sonia Gandhi is hatching a conspiracy to divide the State to strengthen her son Rahul Gandhi’s position in future, Telugu Desam’s whip in the Assembly P Kesav and party vice-president K Rammohan Rao have alleged.


      Talking with reporters here today, they alleged that Gandhi was trying to create weak States and make the Centre strong.
    • The Congress high command was encouraging these people and asked Rajagopal to agitate, Arunkumar to debate and K Sambasiva Rao to prolong the issue, the TD said and urged `PM-in-making’ Rahul Gandhi to spell out his stance on division of the State. ``If Rahul Gandhi had a good intelligence network which could suggest about a Kalawati, biryani at Paradise Hotel in Secunderabad and an Andhra meal at AP Bhavan in New Delhi, why was he not provided with reports on the feelings of the people of the State?’’ Ridiculing Congress leaders’ posers to TD president N Chandrababu Naidu, they said that if Naidu was to take decisions what for the Congress was in power. Congress leaders were trying to foment emotions instead of dousing the flames, they alleged.

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