Monday, December 21, 2009

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    • By Firoz Bakht Ahmed
    • Reservations will not help Muslims.

      Rather they must tell the government to open more schools in their areas than police stations. Instead of fighting over smaller slices of a small pie of the national income, what is needed is the expansion of the national pie which would help everyone to get their rightful and bigger share. The oppressed and the marginalized people need expansion of opportunities rather than favours from the state. 

      As a law abiding Indian Muslim, I feel that words such as reservation, minority, majority be deleted from the Indian Constitution in the context of quotas based on caste or religion.

    • I want the minorities to have an honourable place by having to stop looking at charity in the form of quota and accept the challenge of a competitive life. 

      That some politically motivated scholars are in favour of reservations is shocking in the sense that they want the Indian Muslim community to go in for the begging bowl rather than to compete and make a dent in the field of merit.

      Those advocating Muslims' reservations must note that ostrich mentality is never going to help Muslims. If they accept quotas, whatever merit we see today, too will wane as nobody would like to work hard and compete. They have to perform or perish!

    • Muslims have four major caste divisions, namely - Ashraf at the top (Syed, Sheikh, Mughal and Pathan), Atraj, the second rung (Rajput, Tyagi, Thakur, Jaat etc), Azrab, the third rung (Julahe, Kunjre, Darzi, Mirasi, Qasab, Naiee, Mahigir etc), and Azlab, at the lowest rung (Halalkhor, Chamar, Lalbezi etc). 

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