Monday, January 4, 2010

Muslim Minister imposes Islamic Shariah on Indian Railways. He should be kicked out | Great Hindu

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    • Union Minister of State for Railways E Ahmed should be kicked out of his portfolio.

      A cultural Taliban in secular India
    • The anti-Hindu ways of Ahmed were very well known in Kerala even before he became the Union Minister of State for Railways. After becoming the Union Minister of State for Railways, he is functioning like a Mughal chieftain. Many organisations like the Vishwa Hindu
      Parishad have already publicly condemned this Hindu-hating Minister for having issued instructions to Railways officers not to do Ganesha Puja, breaking of coconut, etc before starting of new trains, inauguration of tracks, bridges, etc. He has banned lighting of traditional oil lamps during inaugurations. Likewise, garlanding of
      trains, anointing them with sandal paste, sindoor, etc. have also been banned. Railway stations have been discouraged against doing puja to electronic panels etc. during ‘Vijayadasami’ and ‘Durga puja’.
    • He has ordered the closure of temples in Railway compounds and is planning their demolition. This anti-Hindu move of Ahmed has caused deep religious resentment and intense anger among the 25 lakh strong railway staff and Hindus at large.
    • – V. Sundaram
    • I am constrained to raise these questions.
      Are we living in Islamic Pakistan? Are we living in Islamic
      Bangladesh? Or are we living in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan? Let me
      move from this macrocosm to the microcosm. Are we living in the
      Muslim-majority Malappuram District in Kerala, rightly described by
      some journalists as a mini-Pakistan in India?

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