Monday, January 4, 2010

Shady ToIlet paper’s new salvo against India « Indian Realist

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    • Here is Times of India newspaper’s Aman ki Asha project. This message was printed on a full-page false cover of the paper on New Year day. (Note: Times of India (ToI) is called ToIlet paper by its readers due to its unethical, anti-national editorial standards.)
    • Love Pakistan
    • Why must we do it? Why do we need them? Why don’t they first say sorrty for what they’ve done? And the answer is simple.

      It is easier to say Hi than to say sorry. It’s shorter too.

      Besides, there is no rule that says a book has to be closed before a new one is opened. Not even if it’s a history book.

      So on the first day of this new year, we’re going make a start. Again.

      With Aman ki Asha. A brave, new people-to-people initiative by The Times of India and Pakistan’s Jang Group to bring the people of two fine nations closer together. Culturally, emotionally and peacefully.

    • India has absolutely nothing to gain by this while Pakistan will benefit immensely. It is designed to defang the Indians and encourage them to recieve blows from Pakistan repeatedly with inertness.

      Basically, Pakistani government and the Goras who back them and arm them know very well that the apple cart — Pakistan hitting India repeatedly through terror — can be upset once India makes up its mind to hit back and pay in the same coin. This “south Asian” business and “both are essentially the same people” campaigns are funded by the Goras in India to thwart exactly this possibility.

    • It is stupid to think that peace between two countries depends on the goodwill of the two peoples, one of whom is on the recieving end of bomb blasts and shootings orchestrated by the other.

      The people and their feelings do not matter at all in these things. It is the governments which drive these as a matter of strategy. The problem lies in the Pakistani ruling junta and its Islamic fanatacism, violence and terror as instruments of foriegn policy. The TOIlet’s communist editors and deranged owner wants to hide this basic fact from ordinary Indians.

    • To get an idea of how stupid this TOI campaign of Aman ki Asha is — which preaches pacificism and goodwill to the victim when the bodies of the Mumbai shootings are still warm — imagine ToI printing the same message for Ruchika’s father Subhash Chander Girhotra to make peace with Rathore after 19 years of bad blood. Here is what it will look like:

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