Monday, January 4, 2010

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    • Arjuna asked:

      Hey God, if you feel that, wisdom is superior to action,
      Why are you pushing me to do this savage war? 1

      You seem to enchant my brain by your conflicting words,
      Please tell me decisively that, by which I will get fame. 2

    • Lord said:
    • None can remain for even for a fraction of time,
      Without doing any action whatsoever,
      For by fundamental laws of nature,
      One is forced to indulge in some action or other. 5
    • All actions in this world are done,
      Due to innate property of nature,
      And only the self centered one,
      Who is ignorant thinks that he does it. 27
    • Dedicate all the work you do to me,
      And understanding that you are the soul,
      Do actions without desire and attachment,
      And undertake this war in the state of peace. 30

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