Monday, January 4, 2010

Raman's strategic analysis: TOI--JANG BHAI,BHAI

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    • B.RAMAN
    • The desire for peace one can understand.

      The desire for closer people-to-people contacts one can equally understand , but the sudden love of the Times of India for the Jang group one cannot.

      If the TOI had joined hands with the Dawn group of Karachi, that would have made some sense. No other media group of Pakistan enjoys as much respect among the people of Pakistan and in the international community as the Dawn group does.

      But, no other media group of Pakistan has been as much controversial and as money-minded as the Jang group has been over the years.
    • It is alleged in Pakistan: Look where the money is. One will find Jang there.

      The sudden love of the TOI for Pakistan and the Jang group is as mysterious as the sudden love of L.K.Advani for Mohammad Ali Jinnah some years ago and as the sudden admiration of Jaswant Singh for Jinnah last year.

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