Saturday, January 30, 2010

Muslims in the city of Tiruvarur of Tamil Nadu |

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    • By Shafee Ahmed Ko,
    • Tiruvarur is a city in the state of Tamil Nadu with its surrounding area having a strong Muslim belt. Though it is an ancient temple town with the history of Chola heartland famous for Sri Tyagaraja Temple, there are some mosques in the town as well – the oldest near the market and the latest one is just fifteen years old built in modern architecture.
    • The Muslims and Hindus of Tiruvarur are quite friendly and no incident of any communal violence has been reported either in the near past or in the distant past. Tiruvarur Muslims have borrowed some festivals like Pongal (Harvest Festivals) and they celebrate it in the same way as Hindu brethren except immolation of animals or offerings to gods and goddesses. They speak fluent Tamil.
    • The anniversary of the saint is celebrated every year for 14 days commencing from the first day of the Islamic calendar month of Jamathul Akhir. The regular celebrity visitor to this Dargah is renowned music director A.R.Rahman.

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