Saturday, January 30, 2010

SWOT analysis of RSS: Threats | Great Hindu

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    • Who can possibly threaten the RSS?
    • The ideal RSS dream is to have both the political party having a Swayamsewak as its head.  Preferably, the RSS wants its swayamsewaks to be everywhere… but this omniscience has not happened for reasons best known to destiny.

      Anyway, these are 4 major threats to RSS:

    • 1. UPA/Commie aliance (along with Mullah-Missionary nexus)
    • 2. Other fledgling organisations like HJS & Rama Sena: They raise inconvenient questions when there are stupid assertions like, “Every Indian Muslim is a Hindu” and especially when the RSS would like to protect BJP’s Muslim appeasement.
    • 3. Ideological opposition from the Voice of India school of thought: This is the greatest threat to RSS.   The RSS likes to align itself with the stupid Gandhian creation, “Sarva Dharma Samabhava”.  It does not want to ruffle feathers and would like to move with the times.  The sloppy dithering ideology of RSS cuts no ice with the intelligent Hindu — who is looking for a better articulate organisation.
    • 4. The anti-Hindu media

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