Saturday, January 30, 2010

SWOT analysis of RSS — Weakness | Great Hindu

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    • Most of the defects of RSS and Hindu society have its roots in the long successive history of Hindu defeats.
    • Weakness No. 1: Gerontocracy:

      The RSS is an ageing organisation caught in a time warp.  Most of the leaders are stuck in 1977 Emergency and have not moved forward ever since.

    • Weakness No. 2: Stunted Growth:
    •  More knickers are sold than ever before.. but there is no daily shakha attendance as the swayamsewaks give some excuse or the other.
    • Weakness No. 3: Dominatrix:
    • Nobody likes being dominated and remote controlled.  However, these two seem to have become a mantra for growth…. Now you know why people avoid the organisation although the network is raking in the moolah.  
    • Weakness No. 4: Masochism, Gandhigiri & Sexual repression:

      To be frank, this is not the RSS defect.. but a defect of Hindu society.  Masochism, Gandhigiri and sexual repression.  And this is a problem that Gandhi magnified and one which RSS internalised.

    • Weakness No. 5: A passion for outer growth:

      Senior leader Ashok Singhal once said that these days there is a loss of adhyathma and gain of pradarshan in the new crop.

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