Monday, February 8, 2010

Gay Indians get their own Valentine cards- Hindustan Times

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    • Gay Indians can browse for their own Valentine's Day cards for the first time, with the country's largest card chain rolling out a small selection this year after a historic court ruling.

      The Archies card company said it had decided to bring out the speciality cards after the High Court last year decriminalised homosexuality. "We have been toying with this idea for a while and then came the court judgement in which it was clearly said that it's legal to be gay," Archies company spokesman Yohan Arya said. "So we felt this was the right time to add these cards to those we already have for the occasion," he said.

      Homosexual consumers are not exactly spoiled for choice, with just two cards for gay men, two for lesbians and one gender-neutral card. The wording of the messages is also pretty basic.

      A lesbian version says: "For my girl friend from your girl friend." The gender-neutral card reads: "Oh how totully gay!" (sic).

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