Monday, February 8, 2010

'Hinduon ki zahniyat hee aisi hai': Shahrukh Khan's Pakistani cricketer Sohail Tanvir

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    • Shah Rukh Khan's Pakistani charade is about to get another one in the chops as a new tape of Pakistan Cricketer Sohail Tanvir, someone who Khan may have been lobbying for implicitly to profit off IPL via his rhetoric, was caught on Pakistan TV uttering last week, and we quote, 'Hinduon ki zahneeyat hi aisi hai'. While supposedly their national tv anchor chimed in, 'inke mooh me ram-ram bagal me choori'.
    • What's particularly apalling about Tanvir's remarks, which shows the kind of mentality prevalent among the Islamists, even supposedly the educated lot, is that this guy had actually profited millions off IPL1 playing under Rajasthan Royals. This is only slightly less shocking than if Shahrukh Khan himself were caught uttering somewhere 'Hinduon ki zahneeyat aisi hai'.
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