Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Telegraph Nepal : 1 million Hindus converted to Christianity after Nepal declared Secular: Thapa

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    • The Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Mr. Kamal Thapa has dubbed the High Level Political Mechanism-HLPM as an alliance between those who were the victims of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Nepal’s southern neighbor, India.
    • “The HLPM has been strategically structured to derail the current government and extend the tenure of the Constituent Assembly for sure”, also said Thapa who is taken as the lone crusader of the revival of the now sidelined Nepal Monarchy.
    • Thapa also told the Madhesi population that referendum was needed to decide the fate of Hindu State, Constitutional Monarchy and Federalism.

      “How can few political parties hold closed door meet and decide all of a sudden that the country has become a secular one”, Thapa questioned.

      Sounds logical!

      “After the country was declared a Secular Republic, some 1 Million plus Hindus have already been converted to Christianity”, Thapa said adding, “In fifty years time, Nepal will have completely lost its Hindu identity.”

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