Monday, April 19, 2010

Editorial: Insulting Hindus Again

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    • Dragging the name of Radha and Krishna by the judges of Supreme Court for its justification on live-in relationship and pre-marital sex is not only unwarranted but also uncalled for. It reflects not only the insensitive and intolerant era in judiciary but also poor understanding of Indian tradition and culture. It is natural to expect from the highest court of the land that its verdict respects the sensibilities of a plural and diversified society that India is, however, in number of instances, it fumbled and invited strong reaction from the cross section of the society.
    • Notwithstanding, their fascination to go beyond their jurisdiction while comparing Radha and Krishna that they lived together without marriage has hurt the sentiments of Hindus in the country is either not known to the Honourable apex court judges or they know that majority community is completely passive unlike Muslims in the country. Can Honourable apex court dare to draw such comparisons with Muslim religious scripture?

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