Monday, April 19, 2010 - Debutante Dharma-Gurus: Violating a civilisational patent

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    • Debutante Dharma-Gurus: Violating a civilisational patent 
    • Sandhya Jain
    • All Hindu ritual begins with a resolve (sankalpa) in which one recalls one’s place in space and time. The traditional formula recalls one’s belonging to Jambudvipa or Bharatvarsa. Jambudvipa is the primordial unity of the Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina streams. In Buddhist tradition, the Buddhas and Cakkavattis (chakravartins) can be born ONLY in Jambudvipa. The Jain concept of Jambudvipa is larger and includes Bharata as one of its seven regions. Bharata is divided into six regions; the Tirthankaras and Cakravartins are born in the Arya janapadas alone.


      Puranas divide the earth into seven dvipas (regions, not islands); Jambudvipa is the centre and is divided into nine Varsas; Bharata is one of them. Bharatavarsa is named after the legendary Bharata and is defined as the land north of the ocean and south of Himalayas (Vishnupurana 2.3.1). Here the system of four Varnas, Caturvarnya, operates; hence it is the only place where proper practice of religion is possible as Varnasrmadharma makes the performance of svadharma possible. Hence Bharata alone is karmabhumi.

    • Trans-national Hindus and trans-national loyalties of Globetrotting Gurus


      This civilisational patent – that Bharat alone is the punyabhumi where dharma can be practiced properly, because here alone karma can be expiated by Hindus living on this bhumi – is being grossly violated by sanctimonious globetrotting swamis and rich officious Hindus who quit this bhumi for foreign soil and citizenship. Guided by unseen but readily discernible forces, these ex-Indians seek to impose monotheistic ideologies, systems, values and mindsets upon Indian Hindus – to facilitate the geo-political concerns of their white masters who wish to continue to dominate the world any which way – though they have no adhikara to do so.


    • We rest our case with the reiteration that Hindu dharma belongs to the Hindu bhumi and Indian Hindu people.
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