Monday, April 19, 2010

Haindava Keralam - India marching ahead in Islamic growth rate

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    • As the adage goes, " The Devil lies in the detail ", and it was this "detail" that was sought to be ' spun' under ' Operation Cover- up ' by the 'secular' English media, following the publication of the results of "Census - 2001", especially the ' Religious Demography of India ' !!

    • And, what was the " disconcerting statistics " ? Swapan wrote : " To take comfort in the self-serving belief that the Muslim population has grown by only 29.3 percent rather than 36 percent, as was initially hinted, in the period 1991-2001 is absolutely grotesque.  Statistical jugglery may indicate that the decennial growth rate for Muslims has fallen by 3.6 percent, which is higher than the Hindu decline of 2.8 percent, but the fact remains that Muslims are growing at a 9.3 percent higher rate than Hindus. The lower growth rate means that the community was multiplying even faster in the Eighties. Worse, it is dishonest to take comfort from the fact that there was no enumeration in Assam in 1981 and in Jammu and Kashmir in 1991. It is quite clear that had political turmoil not prevented the enumeration in these two states, the rise in Muslim population for the 1991-2001 would have exceeded 30 percent. The Muslim growth rate in Assam for 1991-2001 was, for example, a staggering 29.30 percent compared to a Hindu growth rate of 14.95 percent".
    • Moreover, Muslims form a high proportion in the ' border ' states of India. The highest proportion of Muslims are in the tiny islands of Lakshadweep in the Arabian Sea: 97 per cent of a population of around 60,000. Then comes Jammu and Kashmir, where Muslims form 67 per cent of the 10 million souls. Next is Assam where Muslims comprise 31 per cent and are a majority in three districts; then comes West Bengal where Muslims form 25 per cent of the population; followed by Uttar Pradesh with 18.5 per cent and Bihar with 16.5 per cent. ' No wonder the fear of Muslim increase is exploited, for there is perhaps some worry that in future Muslim majority areas might seek to do another Pakistan,' Bose pointed out ".
    • Here is another 'COMMUNAL REPORT' from the  Centre for Policy Studies, Chennai. The researchers  Shri A.P. Joshi , M.D. Srinivas & J.K. Bajaj, in their " Religious Demography of India - (updated upto 2001) " concluded : (a) - " The share of Indian Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism & Jainism), in the region that comprises Indian Union, Pakistan and Bangladesh today, is expected to fall below 50% by 2061", and (b) " U.N. estimates for the population of these countries indicate that the share of Indian Religions in India by 2050 is likely to be 55-58%".  NEHRUVIAN SECULARISM - ZINDABAD !!

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