Monday, April 19, 2010 - Denigrating Hindus by an Islamic drama – Xian style!

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    • Denigrating Hindus by an Islamic drama – Xian style! 
    • Thamizhchelvan
    • Advocate Subramaniam deserves praise and appreciation for the efforts he has taken to fight the media giants single-handedly, running from police and court, at the age of 70! Despite the dismissal by the High Court, the ‘70 year old youngster’ asserts confidently that he would even go the Supreme Court and fight till the last.    
    • Muslims were proactive, took initiative even before the telecast, approached the issue in a dynamic manner and achieved success with just two letters. Hindu organizations never had an inkling that a program on Mangalsutra was produced; didn’t agitate even after the telecast; could not get an apology; could not prevent telecast of the same program on another channel; didn’t cooperate and support the few individuals who protested and fought against the channel; and left a 70 year old advocate in the lurch.
    • Hindus continue watching such programs and participating in them, without discarding the sponsor companies and boycotting their products, without ignoring those programs and without any feeling pride in their religion and culture. 
    • Although the situation is pitch-dark, a silver lining is visible. Anantha Padmanaban and Tamilisai Soundararajan have been articulate in expressing their opinions in favour of Hindu culture, while participating in the said program by Kalaignar TV.
    • There are two ways to restrain the media and bring it in line - agitation and boycott. Adapting both simultaneously would be beneficial. If the Hindu community cannot achieve this, there is no point in calling itself the majority community. Let Hindus rise to the occasion! 


      Tailpiece: The Christian channel’s strategy of denigrating Hindu culture through an Islamic drama is similar to the Sonia Congress’ strategy of destroying Hindus through Muslim appeasement!


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