Monday, April 19, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Krishna comeback @ Moscow

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      The Hare Krishnas will finally get a long-sought-after temple if Oleg Mitvol, former environmental crusader and now prefect of the Northern Administrative District, gets his way.

      At a meeting with Dzhkha Sandzhit, the president of the Association of Indians in Russia, Mitvol said that a Hare Krishna temple would be built in the Molzhaninovsky area, 10 kilometres outside the Moscow Ring Road in the north of Moscow.
    • However, as with previous plans, the new Hare Krishna temple's construction has been hampered by protests from conservative Orthodox Church groups.
    • The protestors demanded the termination of the project.

      "This is foreign to Orthodox Christians - it is a Pagan temple," said Andrei Yeremin, one of the organisers of the initiative group. "Maybe this would be good in India, but we don't need it."
    • The planned Krishna temple complex in Vereskino is to include a temple for 800 people, a planetarium, several museums, an exhibition hall, a library of Indian literature, a health centre and restaurants and cafes selling Indian cuisine.

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