Monday, April 19, 2010 - Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha heading the way of Gandhi’s INC – 2

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    • Radha Rajan
    • The Abrahamic War Doctrine
    • The timing of the Second Vatican [War] Council must be seen against the backdrop of the ending of Nazism, colonialism and state-endorsed racism linked to slavery in the US. The white church and white state could no longer use slavery, inquisition, colonialism and Nazism as weapons to de-populate non-Christians. Promoting alcohol, cigarettes, compulsive meat-eating, drugs, insurgency and abnormal sex would become the new organized and high-funding de-populating non-conventional weapons of war (also called eugenics) of the white race; besides conventional warfare which would remain the method-of-last-resort.
    • What Asians never realized and what Hindus never realized was that Asia was the exclusive and single-point focus of the Second Vatican [War] Council (1962-’65) and later of Redemptoris Missio; specifically, the Hindus of India and the Chinese Confucian civilization were the intended targets of the US and the Vatican.
    • The first explosive consequence of globalization was the vastly sophisticated and technologically brilliant advances in communication. Satellite channels provided the white church access into every house in every town, city and metropolis in Asia. Globalization of the economy also caused a new and intense migration of peoples of Asia to white Christian countries in numbers never before experienced in world history; foreign investment and the growing presence of foreign manufacturing industries in Asia brought more and more white Christians into these countries.


      The white church saw great potential for expansion in this two-way migration of populations and fine-tuned its war doctrine and strategy to facilitate its expansionist goal. Tamil Nadu, the writers’ native state has invited all major South Korean, American and even European automobile giants for setting up production and manufacturing units for automobile and auto-ancillary parts.

    • Madanlal Dhingra, Bhagat Singh, the Chapekar brothers and thousands of nameless Hindu nationalist kshatriyas were summarily hanged to death. The British did not have to kill all armed ksahtriyas; they only had to pick the bravest, the brightest and the most inspirational and make an example of them for those wishing to travel the same road.


      Tilak and Savarkar were deported to alien lands; many thousands were jailed for years and decades without hope of release, Aurobindo, VU Chidambaram Pillai, Subramania Bharati, the Bengal Revolutionaries and other Hindu nationalist intellectuals were broken physically and mentally, reduced to abject penury and cast by the wayside. The Hindu nationalist thinker and doer were both made exemplary targets of the British government. 

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