Friday, May 14, 2010

Are Congressmen in love with Pakistan and China? -  National News – News – MSN India

Are Congressmen in love with Pakistan and China?
    • The inimitable Congress general secretary and loose cannon Digvijay Singh is at it again. In a startling statement on Thursday, Singh said that the Samjauta train blast was the handiwork of Hindu militant groups. This turned the entire findings on the train blast on its head.
    • His very government had found that the blast was specifically the handiwork of Pakistan based ISI. The then National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, MK Naraynan, had specifically gone on record to say that it was the ISI that triggered the blast. That was what the probe panel found after a detailed investigation.
    • Subsequent to this, India had launched a major verbal offensive against the ISI for its complexity in the blast and its efforts to destabilise India.

      Now Singh has given a big handle to Pakistan with his so-called new `evidence' on the involvement of Hindu groups. Pakistan will now take this to the world fora and claim that the ISI is after all innocent and all the big noise that India is making is just to discredit Islamabad and its efforts to contain homegrown terrorists.

    • If Singh had new evidence, he should have given it to the investigating agencies rather than shouting from the roof top. If he had scores to settle with the RSS and the BJP, he should have done it in a more subtle way rather than compromising India's position on world fora.
    • He had better learn a lesson or two from Pakistan. Despite all the mountain of evidence in the 26/11 Mumbai attack, Pakistan's political parties, despite deep divide, have spoken in one voice and fallen on one page. Pakistan does not have its version of Digvijay Singh.
    • Then, in February he made a controversial visit to Azamgarh, the hotbed of terrorists. On that occasion too he shot off his mouth by questioning the Batla House encounter that took place in Delhi last year between the police and alleged suspects in the Delhi serial bombings.
    • With folks like Digvijay, Jairam and Tharoor, Paksitan and China need not look out for friends.

Are Congressmen in love with Pakistan and China?
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