Friday, May 14, 2010

'Sri Ram Sene ready to riot for money' : India Today

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    • Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik is willing to unleash violence on the streets of the country and stage riots in return for money, a Headlines Today-Tehelka joint investigation has revealed.
      Muthalik, whose outfit had attacked a pub in Mangalore in January 2009 and beaten up women in the name of protecting Indian culture, has been caught on camera saying that he is ready to arrange any violent protest anywhere as long as he is suitably paid.
      To expose the Sene, our investigation team first met Muthalik. Posing as an aspiring artist, our reporter discussed a plan to hold an exhibition that Muthalik's goons would vandalise, thereby lending the artist immediate publicity.
      For over a month, our dummy artist met some of the Sene's top leaders to discuss the deal. Far from being shocked, Muthalik even agreed that the art exhibition should be held in a Muslim-dominated area so that the impact was maximum.
      Here are excerpts from the conversations.

Tehelka Rent-A-Riot Sting - Pramod Muthalik, Sri Ram Sene

Tehelka Rent-A-Riot Sting - Pramod Muthalik, Sri Ram Sene - 2

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