Saturday, June 12, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Arrival of 'The Super Taliban-Aligarh' in Kerala

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    • Note also that the AMU which emerged out of this was a Pan-Islamic Movement.

      Pakistani historians thankfully acknowledge the pivotal role of AMU-

      'The Movement of establishing a Muslim University' writes Mumtaz Moin in his 'The Aligarh Movement' (Karachi, 1976, p. 184), 'is an important chapter of our history. Initiated by Waqar al-Mulk it soon became a live issue under the patronage of the Aga Khan.'

      His Biographer Islamudin surmises-

      'Thus it would not be an exaggeration to say that without Aga Khan, there would have been no Aligarh University, and without Aligarh, Pakistan would have been a near impossibility.'

      Let us hear from Agha Khan himself what the Amu movement was and got accomplished-
      The Aga Khan himself said in his 'Memoirs' (London, 1954, p. 36) that: 'We may claim with pride that Aligarh was the product of our own efforts and of no outside benevolence and surely it may also be claimed that the independent sovereign nation of Pakistan was born in the Muslim University of Aligarh.'
    • AMU's arrival in Kerala is thus crucial to its avowed aims as seen in that SIMI poster, which was in media spotlight, titled 'Islam to prevail'.

      Pasted in Aligarh Muslim University in November 1997 during an all-India convention the poster read, 'Islam doesn't carry a single instruction on how to live peacefully under an un-Islamic regime. Islam has described clearly that the way to dominate is jihad.'

      Importing AMU to Kerala is to complete the incomplete Islamisation of Kerala started by Hyder Ali and Tippu.     

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