Saturday, June 12, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Kerala the Epicentre of Hindu Hatred; Get converted and claim the Government perks

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      • Ramadasan
      • Now Kerala Government has came up with yet another novel idea to encourage conversion in the State.The idea is to waive the loans taken by converted Christians.
      In the loan waiver scheme introduced other day by Minister of Welfare of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes A.K. Balan declared that his Government will write off 159 crore Rupees worth loan taken by Converted Christians.Under the debt waiver scheme for the Christian Converts, loans up to Rs.25,000 maturing on 31 March 2006 would be written off fully. In cases where the loan amount exceeds the stipulated amount, penal interest part would be written off, providing the persons with an opportunity to avail a one time benefit.
    • Parameswaran
    • Do you know that Saudi Arabia tells India that its ambassador to Saudi should be a Muslim? Can Saudi send a Hindu ambassador to this country? Do you know that some Middle East companies advertise in Indian newspapers and are not ashamed to openly declare that "You can apply only if you are a Christian or a Muslim"?
    • We need an incarnation of Dhanwanthari to save our souls!Pray for a Shivaji to take birth in Kerala.

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