Saturday, June 12, 2010

Praveen Togadia describes those who helped Anderson's exit as 'traitors' -

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    • Jabalpur: Vishwa Hindu Parishad's (VHP) international general secretary, Praveen Togadia today described as "traitors" to those behind the release of Union Carbide Corporation's (UCC) then Chairman, Warren Anderson.
    • "The persons responsible for the release of Anderson are traitors and cases of treason should be registered against them," Togadia told a press conference here.

      "Nearly 17 Commissions were constituted after the Malegaon and Ajmer blasts, but for a tragedy that killed thousands of persons, no Commission was constituted till date for ensuring imprisonment to those behind it," he alleged.

      He said that the then government had treated Anderson like prime minister as he was also taken upto the tarmac in a red-beacon official car like a head of the state.

      Togadia said that the incident of car being taken inside the airport could not have taken place without the prior knowledge of the State and the Centre and therefore, now they cannot escape from it.

      The right-wing leader alleged that Rs three crore were paid by the Union Carbide to the senior Congress leader Arjun Singh, who was chief minister of Madhya Pradesh then, adding that the then Superintendent of Police (SP) must have driven Anderson to the airport under pressure from the higher authorities.

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