Sunday, June 20, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Christian Missionary frauds to plant 'Jesus' in Vedas exposed

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    • Christian Missionaries after their failure in refuting Vedas and Hindu scriptures even after repeated attempts , their tactics to dupe naïve Hindus had changed. Now their  attempt is to – To prove that  Jesus arrival was prophesied in Vedas and there by Hindus should convert to Christianity. Following the path of these Christian propagandists , Jihadi's are also trying die hard to plant their Allah and  Muhammad into Vedas.
    • It is very interesting that the Christian propagandists are now willing to accept that Vedas originated even before their Bible and Jesus. It will also be interesting to search the truth that the life of Jesus was missing from his age 13 to 30 yrs from history books. In his research book titled ‘Christianity is Krishnanity’  by renowned historian and INA veteran Late Sri. PN Oak clearly proved with strong evidence regarding this view.  Since our missionary brothers started acknowledging the Vedas, it is right time for them to study more on Vedas, Hinduism and return to their parent religion i.e. Vedic Religion!

                                                     Om Krinvantho Vishwamaryam!

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