Thursday, October 15, 2009

D A I J I W O R L D - Mangalore: Eight Hindu Organisations to Protest Against ‘Love Jehad’

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    • The Hindu Janajagruthi Samiti has organized a protest against ‘Love Jehad’ terming it the new weapon used by a certain religious group to convert girls after ensnaring them in love.  

      The protest will be held in front of the deputy commissioner of the district on Thursday October 15, and has the support of eight organizations. 

      Sanathana Samste, Dharma Shakti Sene, Nyayalayadallina Anyaya Nivarana Samiti, Hindu Yuva Sene, Yuva Shakthi, Sri Rama Sene, GSB Mahila Balaga, and Ranaragini, will support the protest.   

    • Mangalore
    • The Samithi has also cited an example of a Hindu girl in an engineering college near Deralakatte, who was raped by four men in an effort to put pressure on her to convert to Islam. 

      The new term ‘Love Jehad’ was first published in a Malayalam magazine in Kerala.