Thursday, October 15, 2009

Incognito thoughts: People of India

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    • People of India are of four types.

      One- Those who call themselves explicitly non-Hindu,
    • One- Those who call themselves explicitly non-Hindu, due to allegiance to certain ideology
    • Two- Those who call themselves non-Hindu due to a feeling of shame induced
    • Three- Those who call themselves Hindu.
    • Four- Those who sublimated personal identity. They live the lives of rishis. They experience the Vedas. While some of them live what may appear to be ordinary worldly life from outside, many live very close to nature. Their thoughts sustains spiritualty in this land and the world over.
    • People are dynamic. They keep changing their views. And many people shift from one group to another at different times. Such shifting is more prevalent between the second and third groups, sometimes from second to first group, rarely from first group to second. People of the fourth group, generally, do not shift.