Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anti-Hindu dogmas from Indian Media Popes CHAPTER 4: METHOD IN MEDIA MADNESS | Great Hindu

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    • The media is really mad when it comes to its anti-Hindu nature. However, there is a method to their madness. See the patterns of their anti-Hindu nature.

      1. Magnify Hindu violence wherever you see them. So a little skirmish in a little-know pub in Mangalore is internationalized.

      2. Cover minority violence wherever you see them. The murder of a shady missionary called Graham Staines is projected as a heinous crime while his illicit conversion activities is hushed up.

      4. Whenever Muslims strike first (as is the case in keeping up with Koranic theme of “Slay the Infidel wherever you find them), ignore it. Make it a point to magnify the Hindu backlash (Ignore Godhra and magnify Gujarat riots).

      5. Whenever Hindu-Muslim riots take place, ignore the ones who started it and start projecting the aggressor and the victim in the same coin.

      6. Whenever Islamic terrorists strike, state that terrorists have no religion. This is when it is obvious that they are Islamic terrorists.

    • 12. When all cases fail, invent a case whereby the Hindus are held guilty. For instance, the media did a story during the Godhra inferno, they said that the Hindu Ram Sewaks had abducted a Muslim vendors daughter. There was no source for this story. It was just a red herring to let the Islamic terrorists off hook.

      13. Ignore Kashmir genocides. Write reams and blare on Gujarat riots.

    • 20. When things are down in India, attribute it to the Hindu rate of growth. If things are going up, attribute it to the class of the English educated “Macualay” Indian.

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