Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Grand Asymmetry: The Swiss Minaret Ban

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    • The minaret that triggered the ban overwhelms the local landscape
    • Terrified bleeding passenger after attack on bus at Agra after Saddam execution
    • Let's try to put this in context, as Suzanna Genocide Roy always exhorts us to do. Now Switzerland is a neutral country, always was. It stayed neutral in WW I, WW II and characteristically it remained neutral in the Iraq war. In other words, if there is one country the "occupation" theory does not apply to, it is the region of Europe we proudly claim Kashmir is similar to.
    • Swiss minorities started radicalizing and started creating the same sort of issues that we see everywhere. The recent imports from more radical countries started becoming more assertive. The minaret that triggered the ban (pictured above) was in fact constructed atop a Turkish cultural center, amid protests by local residents. It was clearly more political than anything religious. It was clearly a "mine is bigger than yours" type of statement. In 2006, terror plots got exposed in Switzerland, leading to the arrest of a dozen people.

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