Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our gods have three feet: Jairam Ramesh | Top News

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    • Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh borrowed a leaf from Hindu mythology while defending the government's stand at the Copenhagen climate summit, saying like "(some) gods have three feet", India was with the G-77, the BASIC group and the industrialised nations.

      "We're in the G77 and in the BASIC group and in talks with industrialised countries. Many of our gods have three feet. We should do the same," Ramesh quipped at a press conference when asked to comment on reported unhappiness among members of the Group of 77 countries at India's stand in Copenhagen.

      He then added as further illustration: "We should be like Nataraj (Hindu deity who performs dance of destruction). Doesn't he have four feet(sic)?"

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