Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scoop: Islam reborns after every Karbala……

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    • The end of year 2009, like every year, will be marked by the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December. Coincidentally this year, another important day of 10th Moharram will also be observed in the same weak on 28th Dec.. Islamic history witnessed the biggest terrorist action 1329 years ago on 10 October 680 BC, when Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad was assassinated along with 72 members of his family in the city of Karbala on the banks of river Euphrates. A particular sect of Muslims mourns this day in different ways. Majlis’ are organized, processions are taken out, devotees of Hussein walk on fire and beat themselves with swords and chains to pay obeisance. Different types of mourning programmes are held to remember Imam Hussein for his sacrifice for saving Islam from Yazid who, unfortunately, was a ‘Muslim’ ruler of Syria and was the real enemy of Islamic principles
    • According to my information and knowledge, perhaps after the Karbala incident, no Muslim parents gave their child, the name ‘Yazid’. But I was proved wrong. In January this year a video was issued by the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda. In this video, an Al Qaeda commander Mustafa Abu Al Yazid was shown spitting out poison against India, the US & Pakistan administration.. Then I again believed that ‘Yazid’ is not dead yet, he is still alive. As ‘Yazidism’ has established itself in Islam today, and this ‘Yazidism’ is once again trying to degrade Islam in the entire world, there is not only a need of another Karbala, rather to save Islam it is also imperative to promote Hussein and ‘Husseinism’. That’s why a famous poet has said- qatl-e-hussein asl mein marg-e-yazid hai, islam zinda hota hai har karbala ke baad.(Assassination of Hussein is in fact the death of Yazid, whenever there will be other tragedy like karbala(sacrifice), Islam(justice) will get life again & again).
    • By Tanveer Jafri

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