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Secular mafia: Why do Hindus knowingly support it? « Indian Realist

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    •  There is a question that at least some of them ask us at some time or the other. The Hindus who say with pride that they are Hindus have had to face this question on several occasions. The question is none but this. “Ok, we agree when you say that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been functioning since 1925; that the man who had the most tremendous impact on our era, Dr Hedgewarji, the karma yogi, Param Pujaneeya Guruji and tens of thousands of selfless activists have worked for Hindu solidarity and prosperity; that the Sangh had been active in Kerala since 1940. Now tell us what has been your achievement in Kerala?”

      This is the question for which we need to enlighten them with an appropriate answer.

    • Today the Hindu society is organized enough and united enough to face the direct challenges posed to it. But that, my sisters and brothers, is not enough. A health-conscious person does not wait for a disease to strike and then achieve its cure. A health conscious person would aim at preventing a disease from attacking the body. Today we have the organized strength to face the challenges posed to our society, but that is not enough. What we need to achieve is a state of affairs wherein challenges posed to our society will be few and far. It is to this end that we must act, so time has not yet come that we can put up our feet and relax in tired indolence.
    • On the contrary, if the argument is that the assassins of Mahatma Gandhi can be hanged because they are Hindus, the assassins of Indira Gandhi can be hanged because they are Sikh, but the attackers of the Indian Parliament must not be hanged because they are Muslims, then there is some thing very seriously wrong with this alleged “secularism”.
    • There should be a law against religious conversions. If the Government does not bring about a law against religious conversions, then we, the public, can stop religious conversions. The mothers seated before me can stop religious conversions. We have the strength and capability within us to do so. During the time of Rama-Avataara, the Gods and rishis were asked to take birth as Vaanars. Do you know the peculiarity of the Vaanars? They react in the same way as you behave with them. If you jump they jump. If you throw stones then they throw stones.

      Let’s behave like the Vaanars of the Sri Ram Sena. Let’s behave in the same manner in which they behave with us. Let’s pay them back in the same coin. Let’s go street by street and try to propagate our religion. Let us go into the houses and fix a few deals for conversion. Soon enough you will find a clamour for a law prohibiting religious conversions. Let the Hindu convert ten others to Hinduism and you will see the government bringing out a law against religious conversions.

    • The ruling dispensation grabbed the control and wealth of Hindu temples by sheer force and bullying.

      How many of us know this shocking fact that over 60 percent of the employees of the Tirupathy-Tirumala Devasthanam are Christians? That is the smartness and skill of Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy.

    • There may be corruption in the existing Devaswoms. We all are very aware that no organization is free from corruption. To remove corruption, the society has to change. The answer to corruption is not forcible assumption of governmental control. For if that were so, then the ruling dispensation in this Kerala state which is soaked to the gills in the Lavlin corruption scandal ought to be dismissed and President’s rule ought to be imposed on the state. If the answer to corruption is forcible assumption of governmental control, then the solution of government ministerial corruption is dismissal of the corrupt government ministry and forcible imposition of Presidential rule. Why isn’t that being done?
    • This is because the crores of Rupees of temple revenue went straight to the government coffers, leaving nothing for the Hindu poor. The government does not want to control the places of worship of the non-Hindus. The government does not want to take the revenues from the places of worship of the non-Hindus.
    • I ask you if the Hindus are supposed to eat leftovers of other’s meal. We should be capable of asking loudly, IF THE MUSLIMS HAVE THE FIRST CLAIM ON THE NATIONAL RESOURCES OF INDIA THEN ARE THE HINDUS SUPPOSED TO EAT THEIR LEFT OVERS?
    • We must see in the eye of our mind the enchanting scene of the newborn baby Sri Krishna being carried in a basket by his father Prince Vasudeva to the safety of Gokulam across the flooded River Yamuna. The Lord did not just fly away to safety; he expected Prince Vasudeva to carry Him away to safety and that is just what the Prince did. You can see from this incident that we are supposed to protect Easwara-Chaitanyam with our lives, if need be.
    • Why did Sri Krishna, again, an avataar of MahaVishnu demand that Arjuna get off his posterior, shake off his despondency and fight in the MahaBharata war when Sri Krishna, who killed King Shishupala with a throw of Sudarshana chakra, could have easily killed Duryodhana, the Crown Prince, with a throw of Sudarshana Chakra and rendered the terrible Mahabharata war unnecessary? We are supposed to fight on the side of Dharma with all the resources at our disposal. This human intervention on the side of Dharma is a way for the Divinity to judge us mortals.
    • While going to a temple, inquire whether the temple is under the control of the HR&CE Department / Devaswom Board / Devasthanam Board. These Departments and Boards are controlled by anti-Hindu “secular” politicians. E.g., Guruvayur Temple, Chidambaram Temple etc.


    • If you go to a temple controlled by the Government controlled HR&CE Department / Devaswom Board / Devasthanam Board, please do give money to the employees of the temples like poojaris, watch and ward staff and sweepers but do not put money in the temple Hundi.

      Now if you are a sentimental person, there is still something you can do. Donate money to a Hindu-run orphanage or old-age home in the name of your favourite deity, collect the receipt and deposit it in the Hundi in the full knowledge that the anti-Hindu “secular” politicians cannot steal it and use it against us.

    • Please inquire about the administration of Charities before giving donation. Do not give any money to Christian Missionary charities like Child’s Relief and You, World Vision etc. They will take your money and convert orphaned Hindu children into rabid Hindu-haters.

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