Friday, December 11, 2009

How to solve the problem of media terrorism | Great Hindu

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    • The Indian media is bent on maligning Hindus.  It is projecting terror on peaceful Hindus while condoning Islamic terrorism and hailing Islam as a religon of peace and brotherhood.  While the media ignores our friendly neighbourhood Islamic terrorists, it goes out of its way to indict Sadhvi Pragya .
    • Let me just give two examples of recent times.  When The Hindu published the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, Muslims blew a short fuse and made the newspaper apologize.  However, the same apology is not forthcoming when M F Hussain paints Bharat Mata nude.  It is as if Islamic sentiments are Kosher and Hindu sentiments can be played away as “Freedom of Expression” and “artistic licence”.

      Take the famous case of Godhra and Gujarat riots.  The media highlights Gujarat riots (Hindu retaliation), while it ignores Godhra and even tries to justify it by cooking a story that Ram Sewaks had tried to the abduct the daughter of an Islamic vendor.

    • The Media Psycology: Now let me tell you the secret of media psycology.  They are somewhat like the Padre.  Kick the Padre and he will lick your feet.  Feed him and he will poison you.
    • So the logic is clear.  Be Islamic when it comes to confronting the media.  They will come out with a front-page apology.  If you try to clarify things with them, they will shame you more.
    • Even a Foreign Correspondent of a respectable foreign media told me the same.  ”It is very easy to deal with Indian media.  Just break a few bones in their body and they will come begging before you”.

      What I am saying is not provactory but practical.

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